Tollcorp Restaurants History

Initially loyal customers of Wendy’s Restaurants, in 1986 Martie Tollestrup talked to her father Steve about securing a Wendy’s franchise. Enthusiastically, Martie contacted Wendy’s Restaurant of Canada and inquired about obtaining a Wendy’s Franchise, only to find out that Wendy’s was not yet franchising in Alberta. Approximately one year later, Wendy’s called Martie to determine if she was still interested in a Wendy’s Franchise. Several meetings later, an agreement was reached and the company Tollcorp Restaurants was born.

In February of 1988, the company opened its first Wendy’s restaurant in Martie’s hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta. The next six years were spent fine tuning operations, training staff and developing the infrastructure for expansion.

The next restaurant was opened in Medicine Hat, Alberta in December of 1994. In May of the following year, Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s Restaurants, and several other dignitaries, visited the restaurant to celebrate its official grand opening. The visit attracted many customers and local residents who were afforded several hours with the Wendy’s Founder.

In late 1995, the company opened the first Wendy’s / Tim Hortons combination restaurant in western Canada, in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Now the company was also a Tim Horton’s franchisee. For the next three years, the company concentrated on the operations of its four restaurants.

By 1998, the company was looking to expand again and opened a Wendy’s restaurant in the small town of Brooks, Alberta and another Tim Hortons in the city of Fort McMurray.

In January 2010, after more than twenty years since the company opened its first Wendy's restaurant, it opened its second Wendy's restaurant in Lethbridge at 3120 Fairway Street South.

The company currently owns and operates five Wendy’s Restaurants and two Tim Hortons. Over the years it achieved several milestones and has been the recipient of numerous awards for sales and operations from both Wendy’s and Tim Hortons. Like all successful companies, Tollcorp employs great people who along with the company are excited about all the future prospects.

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